Tradecraft Secrets of Covert Surveillance
(Without having to join the CIA, NSA, or FBI)
Meet the Master Surveillants
Darin and Mary Fredrickson have over three decades of combined experience conducting surveillance in the public and private sector.

They are both licensed private investigators that are still actively involved in Surveillance Operations.

They have been training Federal, State, Tribal, and Local Law Enforcement investigators for over a decade.  Civilian investigators in corporate, retail, and private investigators also benefit from specialized surveillance courses.

Discover Proven Techniques to conduct surveillance like a pro...
WHAT YOU'LL FIND AT OUR WEBSITE: Our mASTER sURVEILLANT blueprint for Mastering Covert surveillance Tradecraft (You really can't miss this one...)
Learn from Expert Author
Darin D. Fredrickson, CPP
Street Drug Investigation Book

Fundamentals of Physical Surveillance

Whether the reader is a novice or veteran investigator, in law enforcement or civil investigation, this unique book offers a complete, cohesive, and expert text on the subject of physical surveillance. It represents the most current and authoritative resource available.
Street Drug Investigation Book

Street Drug Investigation

Written in a clear and concise style, the book will be a valuable resource to any law enforcement professional whether involved in undercover, plainclothes, or uniformed investigation and whether in a small or large police department. Regardless of the reader's professional level, the text provides a foundation of knowledge that is practical and useful.
Civil And Private Investigation Book

Civil and Private Investigation

The primary target populations of this book are individuals who desire to become a private investigator, individuals new to the profession, and those who desire to broaden their professional knowledge. Others who will benefit from the information the book provides include insurance professionals, attorneys and paralegals, police officers and other government investigators, and law and criminal justice students.
Terrorist Attacks Book

Terrorist Attacks

Violence continues to grow and acts of national and international terrorism abound. This edition is an authoritative tool that extends years of knowledge and shared experience to emergency response personnel and those tasked with protection and prevention. The most notable expansions are in the chapters on surveillance, counter-surveillance, surveillance photography, physical security, and the bodyguard function. 
Racial Profiling Book

Racial Profiling

This book was written to eliminate confusion regarding what has come to be called racial profiling by clarifying the legitimate law enforcement practice of criminal profiling, and by clarifying what constitutes unfair discrimination, and persecution. This book was written to benefit sociology students, law enforcement officers, and anyone else in a position to be concerned with, or affected by, the profiling issue. 
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