What is Master Surveillant?

I created the Master Surveillant program because I was disappointed in the lack of quality surveillance courses available to investigators in government, corporate, and private industry.

You don’t have to learn covert physical surveillance the hard way.  Getting burned by bad guys and gals along the way and sometimes blowing the investigation because you weren’t taught the fundamentals of surveillance.  By learning the fundamentals of physical surveillance you can perform like a professional, get the evidence and intelligence you are seeking, and avoid the embarrassment of looking like an amateur during an operation.

“Becoming a Master Surveillant is to embody a life of self-mastery, forging discipline, resiliency, drive, determination, honor, integrity and courage.”

When I transferred to a drug enforcement unit in the fifth largest city in the United States back in the 90’s, I thought I was going to receive the best training available to perform my investigative tasks.

Although I received great training on how to manage informants, conduct undercover drug buys, and write search warrants, there was nothing formal or even informal on how to conduct covert physical surveillance.  I was so disappointed!

I also discovered rather quickly that buying a $20 rock of crack cocaine on the street from some hardened street dealer that would rather rob me than sell to me was NOT my cup-of-tea!  I believed I was worth more than the $20, and figured I could obtain the same results using another investigative tool.

Although I might have missed out on some hair-raising adrenaline rushes from not buying drugs on the street, but I can tell you the rush you get from conducting a challenging surveillance is right up there!  It’s also heck of a lot safer!

Utilizing the tool of physical surveillance, I was able to more effectively and efficiently investigate and close cases that most undercover detectives weren’t able to.  This was especially true during the methamphetamine epidemic that created extremely paranoid drug cooks and dealers that would rarely sell to undercover detectives without an introduction by some street C.H.U.D.

A Mentor that Changed my Life

After realizing I needed serious help learning the basics of surveillance, I reached out to a mentor that would change the course of history for my career.  We also went on to author 7 books together including two on surveillance.  My mentor is also my prankster Uncle that played plenty of tricks on me while I growing up.

With a mentor that was an accomplished surveillance operator, I was able to avoid some of the pitfalls that are prevalent with new surveillance operators.  The most common pitfalls being following the subject too closely and surveillant paranoia.

This does NOT mean I did not experience paranoia and avoid all the pitfalls that befall a surveillant.  I took some burns, as I have on and off over the years.  As you will, often due to unforeseen circumstances outside of your control.

Although I had the advantage of learning the fundamentals of physical surveillance from a book, like you do.  I still had to apply the knowledge and develop the skills, which takes repetition, repetition, repetition…

Yet understanding the fundamentals, provided the basis for me to position myself in the field for likely success!  I also consulted my Uncle on surveillance operations, and post operations to discuss strategies that worked or didn’t work.  This provided an opportunity for objective analysis to learn from and apply forward to future surveillance ops.

My Secret Weapon

Physical surveillance became my secret weapon to gather intelligence and evidence to arrest and shut down thousands of drug cooks and dealers!  I was able to write and execute “activity search warrants” based on intelligence and minimal physical evidence.  I also wrote and executed on hundreds of search warrants on solid physical evidence I obtained solely through surveillance.

The thousands of hours I spent conducting surveillance taught me how important the psychology of surveillance was in being a successful and safe surveillant.  This is a topic I feel is critical to being an effective surveillant, and is examined in detail throughout my courses.

I essentially learned how to become invisible in my environment, and that is what I can teach you, if you are willing to take the challenge to become a Master Surveillant.

A New Way to Learn Surveillance!

Book learning is great!  I am a lifelong learner and read at least 2-4 books every month.  Yet, you can only grasp so much from reading.  We are primarily visual learners, and oh yeah, physical surveillance is a VISUAL experience!

Although online training will never replace field training in the real world (more on that in a bit), it will bridge the gap from book learning to street smarts (learning).  Just as you need to understand the basics of handling a firearm, or tactical driving in a classroom before you hit the range or driving track, surveillance basics must be understood before you hit the streets.  You must grasp the fundamentals of physical surveillance if you are to be effective as a surveillant.  These fundamentals are even more important when operating with a partner or on a team.

Our online courses are based on a multi-media experience of real-life examples to maximize retention for application in real-life situations.  Students that successfully complete an online course are eligible to participate in field courses.

Head over to our course page and enroll in a course today!  Our courses are guaranteed to satisfy your expectations or we will refund 100% of your tuition fee.