Master Surveillant LE/ORC Live Course


This course provides students with the fundamentals of physical surveillance investigations. Students will undertake a study of covert surveillance techniques and be able to apply these techniques in real world situations. Focuses on stationary, vehicle, and foot surveillance in urban and rural environments will prepare students to integrate these strategies into their work duties.

This class is conducted live and includes one day of classroom and one or two days of skills training in the field.  This course should be selected to enroll for an upcoming scheduled course.

**NOTE – Master Surveillant ORC and LE courses are restricted to retail investigators and law enforcement personnel and enrollment is subject to approval.

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 2-3 days - This course is restricted to retail and law enforcement investigators only

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Darin Fredrickson Darin Fredrickson Author

Darin D. Fredrickson, CPP is co-author of several criminal justice field books including the Fundamentals of Physical Surveillance, 2nd & 3rd edition. He is the managing partner of Team Guardian, LLC a private investigation firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, which specializes in physical and technical surveillance solutions, and provides surveillance training for government and civilian investigators.

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6 months of access

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