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Hi, I am a veteran twenty-year law enforcement professional that  spent the majority of my career working as an undercover street detective.  For nearly a decade I worked on an elite covert surveillance team known as ROP Surveillance with the Phoenix Police Department's Major Offender Bureau (MOB). My team and I conducted surveillance on suspects engaged in just about every  crime imaginable including terrorism, homicide, home invasions, sexual assault, burglary, robbery, fraud, theft, human and gun smuggling. In addition to my law enforcement investigations  I have been a licensed private investigator for ten years conducting corporate and private surveillance operations involving workplace violence, infidelity, custodial interference, corporate concerns, insurance fraud, and so on. 

This totals over twenty-five years of field surveillance experience.

In addition, I have co-authored several criminal justice and security related books with Charles C. Thomas Publisher, and have authored articles with various publications. In 2019, I authored the Tradecraft Secrets of Covert Surveillance Handbook I provide for FREE to investigators and persons interested in learning more about the strategies, techniques and tactics of covert physical surveillance.

My amazing wife Mary and I are both licensed private  investigators in Arizona and are still active in surveillance operations and working the streets.

We have trained over 500 investigators from over 50 organizations in the public and private sectors. This includes military, federal, state, and local law enforcement professionals.
What Master Surveillant Is All About:
Secret #1: Learn The Fundamentals

The big idea here is most investigators never receive training on surveillance basics. Instead they develop the skills through trial and error, which translates into getting "burned" or losing the target under surveillance. Both of these are not desirable outcomes. It can be embarrassing, compromise an investigation, and result in losing credibility with your clients or peers
Secret #2: Anyone Can Master The Art

The main thing to understand here is that it doesn't matter what you look like, or where you came from, you can become a Master Surveillant.
This means you can learn the strategies, techniques and tactics professional surveillance operatives use to become virtually invisible to their target.

Secret #3: You Don't Need Fancy Equipment

Simple and cheap equipment is often better and will do the job!
This is key because most organizations don't have the budget for expensive surveillance equipment. I will show you how I travel across the country with a surveillance kit that costs under $1000.

Our Live & Online Courses and Products:
Covert Surveillance Essentials Online Course
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Essential Online Course
Tradecraft Secrets of Covert Surveillance Handbook
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$19.97 US
What Others are Saying About our Online Course:
"This course covers it all, one of the most comprehensive courses I have taken. Very educational, informative and covers surveillance from A to Z. Covers basic tactics for beginners to the extreme for ongoing and well experienced investigators. Through his experience, Darin shares true experiences and life stories that truly benefits the student and reader. There's no other online course where you can access this much information in one class. This course will definitely make you more aware and propel you in becoming a better investigator. 

Would I recommend this course and/or other courses by Mr. Fredrickson? ABSOLUTELY. In order to get to the top, you have to learn from the best."

John B. - Surveillance Specialist (Current Assignment Withheld)
"This is a one of a kind course. There is a lot of information packed into the course from the basic tactics for individual surveillance to advanced tactics for a crew performing a surveillance. Darin gives a new twist to any online course I have ever taken by sharing real life situations he has been through on surveillance giving that in person classroom feel. You can truly see how much experience Darin has in this field and he is passing it along through this course.

This is one of the best online courses I have taken and would recommend it to anyone who does surveillance."

Stephen M. - ORC Investigator
Street Operators Course (Field)
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$1497 (3-day Course) - $997 (2-day Course) - Contact Us for Group Training Discounts
Tradecraft Secrets of Covert Surveillance Operators Course
What Others are Saying About our Operator Course:
Excellent Training! Most learn from "doing" rather than listening. The class required active participation, the scenarios were both realistic and relevant as applied to the course objective, and the planning and execution of the exercises were meticulous
- Detective Kim - Law Enforcement
Darin's expertise and practical knowledge was vast. His ability to communicate effectively both during the classroom and practical exercise was exceptional 
- Brian F. - Retail/ORC
Darin’s level of experience and knowledge of surveillance is obviously very high. He did a great job of sharing his experience with the class.
- Special Agent - U.S. ICE 
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